Social-Share Blog Tour 2012

Join me for a trip around the blogosphere… and into the Twittersphere this year, too! The 2012 tour emphasizes social sharing. Please share these posts with your friends.  If I know a Twitter account or a Facebook fan page associated with the blog, I’ll include it.

“Best of” Tours

Upcoming Stops

  • This tour is over until the next tour in the spring of 2013.  If you can’t wait, I’ll be doing a Christmas tour during Advent as well.

Get on the bus!

If you plan to read these great posts, I add a new “tour stop” every other day for five to seven weeks. Come back regularly to hop on the bus for a tour of some great sites, or better yet, receive a weekly eMail, with the links to the most recent posts on the tour, by checking the last box on this subscription form.  I’ll send the eMail on Thursday in time for you to recommend these bloggers with #FF on Twitter (see Notes).

If you’re on Campus Crusade staff and use blogging as a ministry tool… join the tour before the tour runs out!



  • #FF stands for Follow Friday. Late on every Thursday and through Friday, you can use this hashtag to recommend these bloggers to your friends.
  • Again, receive an eMail on Thursdays with the links to the most recent posts for future blog tours by checking the last box on this subscription form.
  • Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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