Keep your Facebook Engagement High (Guest Post)

Miheret has learned a lot about using Facebook for ministry. He helped with a Facebook page for the “Love Ethiopia Festival with Andrew Palau”. (Read the impact report from the Luis Palau Association to learn what God did.) This post was published in late October with his advice and tips for keeping engagement high on a Facebook page to promote an event.

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What Tech Tools Do You Need?

How do you discover what tech tools fit your lifestyle and your ministry? I know from talking with many staff that sometimes it’s hard to even know what you need or what might be available for you. Also, I’ve found that people might decide what tool to use, but it actually may not be their best choice. Cost, ease-of-use, compatibility, and whether a tool is out-dated might all factor in what you choose to do.
For those of you following the You-Can-Too series, this post is designed to help you make a personalized plan for what you’ll learn in 2014. In January, we’re planning for the year. Save room in your schedule for actionable steps as we move into next month. [Read more...]

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Do You Understand Copyrights?

If you use photos in a blog, a brochure, or your prayer letter, you should understand copyright laws. Using music on a video may also have copyright issues.

I recommend you read the entire article, “Using Copyrighted Material”, on the Staff Web. In fact, this article contains essential information for Cru staff, so set aside some time today to read it. [Continue reading...]

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