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Help For the eMail-Driven Life

I was in Outlook Help for some reason when one of the search results caught my eye…  “10 Ways to Get More From Outlook.”

I followed the link to this site.  After reading through the ten add-ons, I decided to try xobni and I love it!  Watch this video and then download xobni.   This free download will help you manage your emails on Outlook.   Xobni may take a while initially to catalogue your emails when you first install it if you have a lot of emails.

Xobni searches messages by content or by people.  I can find people faster and have a history of our eConversations.

I like the networking feature that allows me to email someone that my friend has emailed.  I did not have to dig up the address, but found this person under my friend’s network.

Xobni will also pull in a photo from Facebook, LinkedIn, or another location to include on a profile of the person you are emailing.  For the people that Xobni did not have a photo for, I had fun adding photos to the profiles and found it very easy.  (I recommend making a Xobni folder in your My Pictures folder to keep everyone in one place, then it is easy to add from the same folder every time.)

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