Woman to Woman: Global On-line Mentoring

A New Women’s Website

The amazing and hard-working women of Magdalena USA and the innovative team at Global Media Outreach (GMO) have created a new evangelistic women’s website, www.JesusForWomen.com.  This new website is similar to other GMO websites except that the message and design is for women.

Starting mid-October, visitors will be directed to the new women’s website when they click on the button “How Can Jesus Change My Life Today?,” located on the Magdalena Today home page.   Hundreds of inquiries about Jesus are anticipated daily.   At www.JesusForWomen.com, visitors are given an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as Sharon Jaynes, author and JESUS film donor, shares her story and a clear gospel presentation.  A community of on-line missionaries comprised solely of women will answer the email questions of the women who visit this new website.

You can help

Do you have a desire to be an on-line missionary and to form a community with other women to reach out to women worldwide?  Magdalena USA is looking for volunteers right now to lead women to Christ, answer their questions, pray with them, and help them grow in their faith.

On-line missionaries are able to take time off for vacation and other things that come up.  You just let the community leader know and your emails would be assigned to someone else within the community.  You work from home at your convenience and you specify the number of emails you would like to answer. Easy training and template answers are provided.  You add your personal insights and prayers.

Apply now at www.tinyurl.com/gmojfw. For more information email info at MagdalenaToday dot com and type JesusForWomen in the subject line.

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