Too Many Passwords?

I like using a particular password, but after I was almost snared by a phishing attempt, I needed to change a lot of my accounts because they shared the same password.  This was a secure password and easy to remember, however, it’s not really a good idea to use the same password for multiple accounts, so I decided this was a good opportunity to create unique passwords.

I stored the new passwords in a spreadsheet (see What You Need to Know about Passwords), but then I was constantly needing to look up the new passwords.  I had made such a variety, I couldn’t remember which password went with which account!

I finally found the solution from a suggestion I found on the internet.  I’m now using my “favorite” password (let’s call it strongfavorite) and then add a unique identifier, depending on the account.  For instance, my password for Facebook could be strongfavoriteface, FBstrongfavorite, or strongfavoriteFB.  Now all I have to do is remember my favorite password and my identifiers: like “li” for linked in, “hoot” for HootSuite or “TD” for TweetDeck.

Some other ideas for identifiers could be:

  • Instead of “hoot,” use zeros (“h00t”) in place of the letter “o”
  • Instead of “link” for LinkedIn, move your hand one set of keys to the left: “kubj”.
  • Substitute similar looking numbers for letters: 3 for E, 9 for g,…


What do you think?

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