Have You Considered God’s Call in eMinistry?

I’m sure you’ve heard the internet compared to the Roman Road of New Testament times.  Also, English might be compared to the Greek of New Testament times (we have an advantage with online translators, too, like Babel Fish). God used this Roman technology and a common language to advance the Gospel. Increasingly, the internet is where people go with their questions about God. (You might want to take two minutes to watch Kimberly’s story to see our model of win-build-send in one young women’s life.)

Of course, all true believers desire to glorify God and love people into His kingdom. (That’s why you’re reading this post, isn’t it?) Have you asked yourself what are you doing now or what could you prayerfully consider learning so you are ministering to more people more effectively using the tech tools available to you? (According to the video, all the people of the world may have access to the internet by 2015.)

  • Do you want to find ways to share your faith with your Facebook friends?
  • Have you considered starting to blog or tweet, but don’t know where to begin?
  • Have you started blogging, but wish you could touch more people with messages of hope and forgiveness?
  • Are you using email to connect with your partners, but you need more help to send a group letter with photos and hyperlinks?
  • Would you like to answer emails from people from other countries who want to learn about Jesus?
  • Would you like to use a hobby to connect with people online and then share your faith with them?
  • Are you using technology for MPD and communicating with your donor team?
  • Can you spare an hour with someone to help them get up-to-speed with something you’re already doing?
  • Would you like to help?   I’d love to hear from you!
  • You fill in the blank____________ !

Is this a priority for you?  Would you pray about what you may need to do differently?

How can we help you with eQuipping for eMinistry? You may or may not know how to use the technology or what to even ask to get started, but if you’re interested in exploring new ideas and seeing if God has an opportunity for you, then I hope this blog and the training we offer is of help to you.

2 thoughts on “Have You Considered God’s Call in eMinistry?

  1. Am really interested in using the internet to reach out to souls globally, especially in the Muslim world. How can you help me?


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