NEW! “Follow Paul” Series

Can you identify with Paul?

After seven years in East Asia, he was overwhelmed with what he needed to know about technology. Even after these past two years in the States, he’s still playing “catch up” and has made this area a priority for his own personal development.  Paul has agreed to be featured in a “Follow Paul” series. We both hope many staff will also learn along with him.

e4e: It was great to meet you, Paul, and to learn how eager and motivated you are to grow in your use of technology.

Paul: Great to meet you, too, Sus!  You’re an answer to prayer as I’ve been asking God for resources and equipping to grow in using technology and communicating effectively.

e4e: Glad to help! What was the biggest “tech surprise” when you moved back to the U.S.?

Paul: Tele-Communication.  When we left the U.S. in 2003, home and business phone lines were the primary way we connected with our supporters and numbers were easy to find in the white pages.  When we returned in 2010, it was difficult to connect with people via phone as we didn’t have their mobile numbers, and many no longer used or answered their home phone. 

e4e: That’s really amazing to think about. The change was so gradual for us here. Does your experience help you appreciate what international students might feel when they come to our country?

Paul: Absolutely.  It’s challenging enough for many international students to cross the language and cultural barriers, but for some the technology barrier could be the greatest challenge.

e4e: What progress have you made in the past two years and what do want to tackle next?

Paul: I‘ve started using Facebook to connect with friends, family and supporters.  I’ve opened a Linked-In and Twitter account, but haven’t done much with them.  I’m beginning to send out our electronic newsletter via MailChimp,

I’d like to design and manage a WordPress site to be our primary hub of communicating.  I’d like to keep my Facebook and Twitter accounts updated so that my posts feed back to our WordPress site.

e4e: What are your biggest hurdles? Time? Costs? Finding the right solutions?

Paul: Time.  I currently have a full plate at home and at work with Bridges.  I need people that can coach me as well as connect me to resources to help minimize my learning curve and enable me to be more effective in ministry.

e4e: Thanks, Paul, for allowing all of us to join you on your journey.

Paul Morales is the Interim Field Director for Bridges International. Paul and Ragan are quite busy at home, too, as Ragan homeschools two of their four active children.

Paul and I hope to put this series together so that you can learn what he’s learning. “Follow Paul” and learn tips and next steps.

What do you think?

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