Evangelism Ideas for Your Blog

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I’ve tried several evangelism ideas on my blogs, perhaps some of these will be useful to you. The obvious things to do are to write evangelistic content or share videos and other resources with your readers. I will cover some things you might not have thought about.

This post is actually part two. The first post included ideas (other than blogging) on sharing your faith on the Internet. Another post also offers guidelines for topics.

Evangelism Ideas for Bloggers

The Look of Your Blog

I haven’t seen as many lately, but I still find occasional sites with brightly-colored backgrounds and fonts with bold type, no photos, and flashing GIF images. I also see clip art images that non-Christians would find archaic and unattractive. This kind of site looks decades old and will likely turn potential readers away.

You aren’t doing these things, of course, but are leaving plenty of white space and using fonts and images that look good on mobile devices. I’ll have more in 2015 on the look of blogs with my emphasis this year on helping bloggers.

Your Audience

Any blogger should have a particular audience in mind. Knowing who you’re writing for will help you choose many things about your blog. Specific kinds of people will be attracted to the look of your blog, what content you share, and your style of writing. As an example, my blog, The Sovereign, is written for post-Rapture readers. This blog focuses on topics that I think would be of interest to them and has links to resources they may need. It’s meant to be evangelistic as well as a tool to help new Christians and has more than 1,000 subscribers. I want it to be easily found now so it will be readily found years from now. It will be my witness whenever and however I leave this earth.

Help Them Find You

Use tags and keywords in your posts to help people searching for these topics to find your post in particular. I have a list of good keywords for you in this post: Best Tags and Keywords for Your Blog.

Don’t be afraid to use some non-English keywords even if your post is in English. Many internationals may search in their language and yet find your post. If they know English, they’ll be able to read. One thing I realized for The Sovereign blog is that my keyboard looks different than the keyboards of some of the people I want to reach. That is, I might tag a post with Gott, Dios, or Dieu, but I wanted to reach people from many nations, so using Google Translate, I now have tags for 上帝, ਪਰਮੇਸ਼ੁਰ ਨੇ. and ה ‘.

Be Engaged with Them

Be sure to respond to comments on your posts in a timely way.

Follow bloggers who follow you and comment on their blogs, too.

If you’re also posting your blog content in social media (you are doing this, aren’t you?), be responsive to comments there as well. Choosing your social media can be because of your personal preference for a platform, but you should consider who you want to reach. If you’re connecting with businessmen, log in at LinkedIn; post photos with women on Pinterest; mingle with movers and shakers on Twitter; and follow friends on Facebook. Which of these groups would be interested in your content?

Now that I said all that, you can’t be available all the time to everyone, so find where you like to be and focus on that medium and the people there. For me, I have a lot more interaction in the Facebook Groups I’m a part of. Other bloggers I know have developed some good friendships and conversations through getting to know those who follow them.

What If My Blog Isn’t Naturally Evangelistic?

Let’s face it, a how-to blog on tole-painting tips and tricks, or some other hobby, isn’t naturally evangelistic, but you can share your love of a hobby and your love for your Savior.

Post Your Story

Tell your story on the about page of your blog. This page is frequently visited.

You might like to have a link over to your own story at Mystory.me, which allows people to contact you after they’ve read your story so you can have a spiritual conversation with some who respond. You could include your blog’s address in your story so that people may learn about your blog there. Another advantage for this option is that someone clicking over from your blog to read your story will find other stories that will speak to their heart need.

Use Your Stats

Look through your stats to find which photos and blog posts are popular and then go back to add an evangelistic link. My blog, MikeandSus.org, is mainly written for those who know us, but I always have visitors in mind. I noticed a lot of clicks on a photo we took of a sunset rocket launch, so I went back into the post and added this sentence with a link:

Read more about two great rocket scientists, Dr. Wernher von Braun and Dr. Henry L. Richter, Jr.”

The linked article was about their Christian faith.

Finding another popular photo (of a butterfly), I added this sentence to my blog post:

“Butterflies are an amazing creation of God. Read more on why they could not have evolved.”

Both of these posts were about “things to do in Florida” which isn’t a naturally evangelistic topic, but something people would definitely be searching for. In each case, I had a good photo and a topic that was popular in searches. Of course, I didn’t know which posts and photos would be popular when I wrote them, but I noticed the activity and went back in with my tweaks to take advantage of the fact that I knew more people were visiting these posts.

Widgets for Evangelism

The Story widget tracks how many have read this online tract from my blog. The Sovereign widget has had 154 people open this gospel message.

Add a JESUS Film banner to your blog so your readers can click over to watch the movie online. Here’s how.

The Joshua Project has a great widget so you would have a different unreached people group featured on your blog daily. However, to avoid viruses, Wordpress.com will not accept widgets that use JavaScript, which this widget uses.

Be an Ambassador

I’m sure I state the obvious in saying no crude photos, no bashing, down-putting, etc. in your posts or comments. Be an ambassador for Christ in what and how you post. I’ve started some posts on a biblical perspective on our Internet activity and plan to have more posts on this topic.

Do you have some evangelistic ideas you’ve tried that you’d like to share with us?


  • I’ll be focusing on blogging tips in 2015. I’ll do my best to get a plan together soon so you’ll know what the various blogging lessons will be for the months ahead.
  • I’ll have more help in explaining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in future posts so your readers will find you when they surf the web.
  • This image is available on FreeImages.com.

5 thoughts on “Evangelism Ideas for Your Blog

  1. Love the idea of adding links to regularly clicked photos or visited posts! I have a humourous post that gets clicks all the time from a Pinterest photo – you gave me an idea of how to capitalize on that! Thanks, Sus!


  2. I love the idea of adding links to a regularly clicked photo or visited post. I have a humorous post that gets visited often from a Pinterest photo. You’ve given me an idea of how to capitalize on that! Thanks, Sus!


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