Touruvuori nature trail, Jyväskylä.

Finding Your Way around eQuipping for eMinistry

Good afternoon from drizzly Florida. I was looking forward to a bike ride, but forgot to check the weather. Of course, planning would have been a good idea so I could have found a time earlier in the day rather than missing out. On the plus side, though, I did make plans all day for the eQuipping for eMinistry blog and made good progress there.

This morning, I knew I hadn’t posted in awhile because of family events and needed to get back to a schedule and to the posting plan I prepared recently. However, before working on a post I had two thoughts:

  1. eQuipping for eMinistry had gotten cluttery.
  2. Most times when I write one post I end up making, and uploading, two (and sometimes three) versions of the image I use.

Finding Your Way around eQuipping for eMinistry

Touruvuori nature trail, Jyväskylä.So, rather than actually putting a post together today I decided to work on the site itself in order to create a more usable resource for you. Please check out the new layout. I’m not explaining how to find your way around in this post because I hope the site navigation will be obvious. If you have time, let me know if it was easy to find what you’re interested in and if you have any suggestions for other improvements. I’d appreciate your input.

I know I could do a bit more cleaning up, but over 80% of it is done. I think that eQuipping for eMinistry is now more useful for you. If you need to find eQuipping and/or eMinistry help, I hope you’ll go to eQuipping for eMinistry as your first stop.

For point two, I thought I’d find a theme that was more accommodating to image sizes because I was spending too much time on photo-editing in order to put just one post up, so I switched from the Oxygen theme to the Gazette theme. I liked the look and organization of another theme better, actually, but I would have had to go back through all of my old images and edit them again. I knew that wasn’t an option!

I’ve had an insanely busy 2 1/2 years. The year ahead still has a lot on the calendar, but I think my schedule will be less intense and life will be a tad more manageable. You should see my posts more consistently again.

Thank you so much for following eQuipping for eMinistry!

Source: the trail sign is available on Wikimedia Commons. The author is Tiia Monto; the photo, Touruvuori nature trail, Jyväskylä, is from Finland.

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