What to Write when You’re Stuck (Guest Post)

Are you stuck? Do you need an idea for your next blog post? Bloggers I talk to tell me they have stopped blogging because they can’t think of what to write about. Here’s an idea:

Start with an Experience

Write this part in 1st-person

Pick a time when God gave you insight into yourself, your relationships or the way the world works. Launch right into the action. Remember, you want to grab your reader’s attention.  Describe what happened. Use as many of your five senses as you can to help your reader have the experience with you. Include enough background to help your readers care about you, the person you are with and the event itself. Don’t be afraid of writing about your faith. How did you trust the Lord as you had this experience? Write this part in 1st-person.

Go Bigger

Write this part in 3rd-person

Tell why this experience matters to the rest of us. How does your experience and your insight fit into the culture at large? Did you previously miss this insight because the culture doesn’t support people who discover this insight? What broader issue does your insight address? If your blog has a stated purpose, you might want to connect your experience to the purpose of your blog. Write this part in 3rd-person.

Address Your Reader

Write this part in 2nd-person

What are some things the rest of us can do to experience your insight or to learn from your experience? Provide tangible actions they can take, but no more than three. End with a question they can answer in the comments. Write this part in 2nd-person.

To Summarize:

  1. Tell a story in 1st-person.
  2. Go bigger. Shift to 3rd-person.
  3. End in 2nd-person with action steps.

Your post doesn’t have to be any more than 500 words. That’s about 4-5 paragraphs at 100-125 words per paragraph.

Still stuck? Think back over your day or week or month. Make a list of all the things you’re thankful for. Pick one of those items and start writing. May God richly bless you as you write into His plans for your life.

What will your next blog post be about? When will you write it?


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Guest Post by: 

Anne Marie Winz, on the Women’s Resources Communication team.

Anne Marie, a 30-year-staff member, coaches staff members to become better writers through Writing for Life, a ministry of the Global Leadership Office.

Currently she manages content at globalstaffwomen.com, a website for Cru staff women and Prayer for Prodigals and she edits The Women’s Resource, a newsletter for staff women. She likes to travel and will say yes to almost any invitation to train staff members how to write compelling stories.

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