Top Niche Cru Bloggers

I hadn’t thought about the history of blogging until I ran across this infographic. I’m grateful for the variety of blogs that are available today and for the many creative expressions of blogging that have arisen from the original “diary” format.

The following are links to some Top Niche (or Notch) Cru bloggers that write within some of the categories mentioned in the infographic. (By the way, if you’d like a bigger view of the infographic, just click on it.) It was quite hard to categorize these as they’re really not limited by the category I filed them under. I know you’ll find some new bloggers to follow in this list.

Activist / Social Issues

Crocker Chronicles (Scott Crocker)

Kindling (Judy Douglass)

Rasool Berry

Celebrity / Pop Culture

His Story, My Song (Keri Armentrout)

Marilette Sanchez

Company and other Cru ministries have their own writers. Too many for this particular post.


Elizabeth McKinney

Pursuing Heart (Cherry Warrick)

Life (“Online Diary”)

According to Judy (Judy Lewis)

Awakened (Gina Butz)

Beck Bulletin (Doris Beck)

Eternal Wait of Glory (Alison Wilson)

John Iamaio

Living with Eternal Intentionality™ (Debby Thompson)

Maggie Bruehl

Singing His Grace (Jocelyn Hepler)

Tez Brooks (encouragement for single parents)

Tip of My Iceberg (Dayle Rogers)

Unearthing Joy (Patreeya Prasertvit)


Wandering 40 Days (Mick Haupt)

Tech / Digital

eQuipping for eMinistry (Sus Schmitt)

Miheret (Miheret T. Eshete)


hope grows here (Abigail Alleman)

Leading with Questions (Bob Tiede)

maturitas cafe (Terry Morgan)

The Novel Endeavor (Lori Luhrman)


Hope Holds On (Linley Stringer)

I’m adding the Mommy blog category. It’s HUGE on the Internet and should be in the infographic.

Mommy Blog

April Knapp

Heather Holleman

heritage & grace (Meg Walker)

Motherhood Block Party (Amy Leskowski)

Stacey Thacker

How about you? Could your blog fit into one of these areas and carry the sweet aroma of Christ to the world through blogging?

NOTE: If you’re on Cru staff and feel you should be added to this list, please contact me at e4e at cru dot org.

The Evolution of the Blogger

Infographic by Flowtown from Visually.

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