Recommended Podcast List from Cru Staff

I asked on Workplace and on Facebook if Cru staff would send me their favorite podcast recommendations. Whoa! I have so many that I decided to mostly list them for now. I categorize them (but some could be categorized multiple ways) and include links to get you started on a new podcast.

Thanks to Kristie, Gina, Kami, Mary Ann, Sam, Nate, Hallie, Kathy, Karen, Barrett, Mike, Samantha, Ross, Judy, Mark, Becca, Connie, Leah, Mike, Kerri, and Kara for your recommendations!

I won’t be able to provide all the links per podcast because you might listen through SoundCloud, iTunes and/or Google Play. I provide one link, so check around if you need to find a specific location for a podcast. (One Cru staff recommends the free Overcast app to listen to podcasts.)

Recommended Podcast List from Cru Staff

By Cru Staff or Ministries

Specific Speakers

Culture / Current Events / Ethics




Leadership / On Mission

  • Building a StoryBrand podcast with Donald Miller
  • Lead Stories Jo and Steph hope “to encourage, challenge and share tools with those who desire to live on mission for the Kingdom of God”
  • Steve Saint shares stories about a stone-age warrior’s trips to America and more






When do you like to tune in to a podcast? On your commute or during a workout?


  • I obviously couldn’t check all of these out, so I’m not personally endorsing any of these. Cru staff listen to them and recommend them.
  • This post has my complete list of recommendations. I have a bit more detail about a few of these podcasts in part one.
  • Photo by Matthieu A on Unsplash.

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