Keeping You Posted about BAM19

I receive a lot of emails and such asking me about BAM. I’m working on it everyday, so it’s mostly put together. Several more things will come together in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, here’s some answers to your questions.

[UPDATED (07/12/19): I’m still fitting the pieces together, so I’ll be tweaking this post up until the Meetup.]

Keeping You Posted about BAM19

BAM Is Growing

BAM is more than just one Meetup now. Instead of “Meetup” think of “BAM” as “Bloggers, Authors and Ministry Writers.”

On even years, Women’s Resources hosts a BAM-supported, Judy-sponsored writers’ conference. The next one, Tell a Better Story, is already on the calendar for January 15 – 16, 2020, in Orlando. Our speaker is  Leslie Leyland Fields.

And, of course, this is the odd year when I put together events for writers at our National Staff Conference. We’ll have a book-signing Monday (July 22, 2019) at the bookstore. The BAM Meetup and (simultaneously) two BAM Crams at Edwards Hall are on Wednesday, July 24th.

Who knows what more we’ll be able to offer in the future?


The two BAM Crams on Wednesday will be videotaped. I’ll post them on eQuipping for eMinistry.

I’m planning to do Facebook Live a few times on eQuipping for eMinistry’s Facebook page.

  • July 5th about 11:00 EST – An interview with Judy Douglass.
  • July 22nd at 4:00 MST – The BAM Cru Author Signing
  • July 24th – The opening of the BAM Meetup at 3:30 MST


I’ve made a separate page explaining the giveaways and how you can join in (starting now) at BAM19 Giveaways and How to Enter. We’re giving away Kindle Fire tablets, book bundles, and $25 off the January writing conference registration.

The BAM Book-signing on Monday

Buy some books in the bookstore, grab some “joe,” and meet with authors in the big coffee shop tent across from Moby. Monday, July 22nd, starting at 4:30.

TIP: Buy your books ahead of time. Here’s the list of authors and their books.

Wednesday’s Events at Edwards Hall

Several things are happening at once, starting at 3:30 in Edwards Hall on July 24th.

On the ground floor, you’ll have:

Writing Opportunities (Wednesday, July 24, 2019, starting at 3:30)

Several representatives from, Creative1 Media, Campus External Communications, ISP, Making Your Life Count, and others, who are looking for writers.

Several authors will be looking for reviewers for their books.

Table Talks (Wednesday, July 24, 2019, starting at 3:30)

I’m doing something new called “Table Talk.” Staff will be at specific tables so you can find them to talk about helpful topics. So far I have:

  • Adam Jones – The Cru Global Photo Library for you to have access to great photos.
  • Jenny Steinbach – The Women’s Audio Bible and Making Your Life Count
  • Samantha Holland and Heather Holleman – Podcasting
  • Tez Brooks – on organizing your manuscript
  • me – SEO, blogging, WordPress, social media
  • Tammy McLeod – representing someone who is “not a writer” but has a story
  • Dave Dishman – when writing isn’t your full-time job
  • Debby Thompson – becoming a writer after decades of speaking
  • Tracy Pierson – free to write – enjoy your gift even if you don’t “go public”
  • Zack Russell – fiction-writing: where to read, and publish to, Christian indie fiction
  • Erica Frogner – songwriting & self-publishing music to Spotify/iTunes
  • Bob Tiede – curating, coaching and cultivating relationships
  • Melanie Hill – screenwriting
  • Zack Russell – fiction

I’ve got room for more if you think you could do a Table Talk. (I’m checking into having a screenwriting table.) Contact me at Sus dot Schmitt at cru dot org.

Judy Douglass Book-signing (Wednesday, July 24, 2019, starting at 3:30)

Judy will have some early copies of her book, When You Love a Prodigal (releasing on September 17th). She’ll love to talk to you and to sign books. She sponsors the BAM meetup in Edwards Hall on Wednesday and can’t wait to see you all there.

Our Two BAM Crams (Wednesday, July 24, 2019)

For part of the time you might want to listen to a BAM Cram. I’m pretty sure we’ll be in the basement (away from the noise).

These are 20-minutes. These short talks will also have time for Q&A.

Katie James at 3:45

Title: You Can Handle The Truth: and other true things about writing

Katie James has an MFA from Columbia University where she received the Felipe P. De Alba fellowship and taught undergraduate fiction. Her debut novel, Can You See Anything Now? (2017, Paraclete) won Christianity Today’s award for best fiction of 2018, and her memoir, A Prayer For Orion, that recounts her son’s overdose on heroin will be published this January. Her essays and poetry have been published in various journals and anthologies, including In the Arms of WordsSt. Katherine Review, The Other Journal, Between Midnight and Dawn, and Ruminate Online, and one of her short stories was a finalist for a spring Narrative Prize. She is the acquisitions editor for Crupress. Follow Katie on Instagram or Twitter or on her blog.

Rick and Katie live in West Chester, Pennsylvania. They have three wonderful, grown children.

Rasool Berry at 4:15

Title: Tackling Tough Topics in Toxic Times

Rasool has served with Cru since 2000 in a variety of roles. He served with The Impact Movement during which he launched and led 14 different campuses and the Impact Music ministry.

Now, Rasool serve with Cru’s team in New York City serving millenials. Rasool is the teaching pastor in a unique partnership with a The Bridge Church in Brooklyn.

Rasool’s name means ‘messenger’ in Arabic. It’s fitting because he loves translating spiritual truths from the Scriptures into the language and ethos of our times, especially to college students and young adults.

He writes a blog and several of his posts have been featured in national outlets such as Relevant Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, The Witness, and Faithful Magazine.

He is married to Tamica and they have one daughter, Ire’Ana.

Invite Your Friends

Every time we do these events we receive a lot of positive feedback.

Encourage your friends to come. If they love writing and write at any level, they will love BAM events.

If you’d like to share about BAM19 using social media, download free social cards from BAM social cards on Google Docs. Include #BAM19, #BAMisGrowing or #BamCram on your post. (This is how you can enter for a Kindle Fire 7″ tablet – see BAM19 Giveaways and How to Enter.)

Just for Fun: Pin-Trading

BAM succeeds in drawing more writers every year thanks to your personal invitations. Several of us will have Disney pins on our lanyards during Cru19. Bring a lapel pin to trade with us or just ask us for a pin. Use the pins to tell your friends about BAM19: book-signing, meetup, Table Talks, writing opportunities, and BAM Crams. Look for staff with a BAMbassador pin and Disney trading pins on their lanyards.

Next on e4e

By the time Cru19 starts, I should have more information as well about other things going on that would interest writers. Two years ago, I posted a “one-stop spot for everything you’ll want to know” about social sites, events, video, and audio content. This was very popular two years ago. I’ll let you know when this post is up.

Meanwhile, these links on my blog might be helpful.

See you in a few weeks. Seriously. That’s the highlight of my time at the National Staff Conference is talking with you, so please do!

Source: Post-it notes photo by Katie Harp – Pinterest Manager on Unsplash

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