I Can’t Wait to See You at Cru19

I Can’t Wait to See You at Cru19

One of the highlights of going to our National Staff Conference is meeting the staff family. (Yes, I’ll admit some mountain time and birding is right up there, too.)

Me, birding in the Colorado River headwaters region.

I want you to know where and when you could find me (you won’t need a scope). For our Cru19 scheduled events, Mike and I usually sit around sections N and O in Moby.

Fri. July 19 – I need to connect with my BAM volunteers, but I might have some open time this day.

Sat. July 20 – I’ll probably go to Josh McDowell’s workshops. I’ll host a table at the Ministry Mixer. Anne Marie Winz and I will have a table for “Writing as Ministry.” The Mixer is in the Lory Student Center Theater from 4 to 6.

Mon. July 22 – Come on down to the BAM Cru Author Signing in the coffee shop. (Details below.)

Wed July 24 – Join a group of us for birding at Dixon Reservoir early in the morning. Message me for details or check out the event details on Workplace. And, of course, the BAM19 Meetup in the afternoon. (Details below.)

BAM Events

Again, BAM (Bloggers, Authors, and Ministry Writers) has several events on two days.

The BAM Book-signing on Monday, July 22nd

Bring some friends along and meet with authors in the big coffee shop tent across from Moby on Monday, July 22nd, 4:30 – 5:30, for the Cru19 and BAM Author book-signing.

TIP: I recommend buying your books ahead of time, otherwise, you might spend more time in a line at the bookstore than interacting with the authors. Here’s the list of authors and their books.

Now you’re ready. Since you beat the crowd and have your books in hand, grab some “joe” and meet Cru authors.

We don’t have a program for this event. Lori Lloyd and I will do a Facebook Live “reporter on the spot” at the beginning of this event on eQuipping for eMinistry’s Facebook page. I’m looking forward to visiting with you.

You can enter a Kindle Fire giveaway (starting now). Find out more at BAM19 Giveaways and How to Enter.

Wednesday’s Events at Edwards Hall

Several things are happening at once, starting at 3:30 in Edwards Hall on July 24th.

Please chat with me at the Meetup. That’s why I’m there… to see you.

I’m still spending the bulk of my time preparing for BAM (Bloggers, Authors, and Ministry Writers) events for Cru writers. These are sponsored by Judy Douglass and myself. See last week’s post, Keeping You Posted about BAM19, for details about Wednesday. I’m adding to that post as I finish off the details.

Meanwhile, Judy and I also did a Facebook Live video which describes BAM, her new website, and her book coming out in September. She’ll have advance copies of When You Love a Prodigal: 90 Days of Grace for the Wilderness. Pick up a free copy (a limited number) at the Cru19 bookstore. Bring your book with you to the BAM Meetup  on Wednesday for Judy to sign.

I’ve been talking to lots of people who are helping make BAM happen. I was really encouraged by these two testimonies. Debby and Tracy told me why they love to go to the BAM Meetup. You might see yourself in what they say.

Debby Thompson

I love the BAM Gathering at CSU! The first time I mustered the courage to join this unique meeting of writers (Cru17), I wondered if I would belong. Within minutes, my concerns were alleviated as I realized a new-found joy amidst a new-found set of writing friends. In this environment, I sensed a merging of my life on staff—from what was familiar and known to what was now new and adventurous. With enthusiasm, I encourage you to attend BAM. – Debby

Tracy Pierson

Have you ever seen a child playing in a sandbox? They build and destroy and build again, sometimes for hours. Every so often they will call out, saying, “Mommy! Come look at my castle!” They don’t expect their creations to make the cover of Newsweek or somehow be transported to some sort of museum for sand sculptures. They simply find joy in the process and play. As writers, we can get so caught up in the final product that we forget the joy of creating. You may have disqualified yourself from being a “writer” because “getting published” seems impossible. What would it take to give yourself permission to write anyway? To “play in the sandbox”? – Tracy

I can’t wait to see you at Cru19!


  • For more details about Wednesday, check in at Keeping You Posted about BAM19. I update this post almost daily.
  • Don’t forget to start participating in BAM giveaways. Learn more: bit.ly/BAM19Giveaways.
  • Next week, I’ll write about the people you’ll want to connect with at the BAM Meetup on Wednesday, July 24th at Edwards. from 3:30 to 5:00.
  • And BAM in 2020? Tell a Better Story, is already on the calendar for our next writers’ conference. Mark down January 15 – 16, 2020, in Orlando. Our speaker is  Leslie Leyland Fields.
  • The coffee photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

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