Let Me Know about Writers’ Events

Lynn and I announcing the Giveaways at the BAM19 Meetup.

Let Me Know about Writers’ Events

I enjoyed all the writers’ events at Cru19 and the opportunity to meet so many of you. By next week I’ll have some photos up. I love the one I’m sharing here (above) because Lynn was such a steady helper as we gave away 20 book bundles and two $25 off registrations for January’s writers’ conference.

(I also did my drawing this past week and sent out the three Kindle Fires for the BAM19 social sharing giveaway).

Wtiters’ Events Survey

Would you take a minute and answer a survey? I ask about:

  • Renaming BAM to Called to Write
  • What you thought of:
    • the BAM authors’ book-signing
    • the BAM Cram talks with Katie and Rasool (videos coming soon)
    • the BAM Meetup
  • Whether you’re interested in the January Writers’ Conference in Florida.

I only have one required answer for the survey, so just find the topics you want to comment on. Your input is very helpful. Here’s the survey.

Jenn, Jim, and Sus at Garness church near Newburg, Minnesota

After Cru19

After our Staff Conference, we enjoyed a long weekend celebrating my brother’s birthday in Iowa. We were blessed to see all my immediate family.

Our daughter and her husband joined us from Minneapolis. One morning, Jim took us on a heritage tour of our family. In the above photo, we’re standing at the grave site of my great-grandparents, Ole and Ingeborg Helgeson.

Mike and I returned home to two big home needs (one was an infestation of Drugstore Beetles). I was quite busy as I needed to focus on these things and on settling back in. Hopefully, I’ll return to a more normal schedule on Monday, August 12th.

When life doesn’t get in the way, I plan to post on eQuipping for eMinistry on Tuesday mornings.


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