Project to Your TV from Your iPad… and More

VGA Adapter for iPad or iPhone 4S

You may already know about this adapter, but may not realize how affordable and useful it could be for your ministry.  I just checked and it’s currently $29 from the Apple Store.

Would you like to show presentations, videos, and photos from your iPad or iPhone 4S screen using a  VGA-equipped TV, monitor, or external projector?

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Free MakeUseOf iPad Guides

Free iPad Guides

A friend just introduced me to which offers 50 free guides. You can buy the guides on for 99 cents and support their work, or you can receive the guides free by liking them on Facebook or Twitter or by subscribing.

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Fun at Lake Hart with iPad’s PhotoBooth App

iPad PhotoBooth Light Tunnel image

There’s More to PhotoBooth Than Funny Faces

If you have kids at home you may already be aware of the free app on the iPad2, PhotoBooth.  (If you’re missing out on all the hilarious faces, PhotoBooth is the first app listed in this article, 20 best iPad2 apps, and shows you  a sample of all the carnival-mirror photos you can take of you and your family and friends with the iPad2’s forward-facing camera.)

Try Using the Other Camera!

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