November portrait2Sus Schmitt (e4ewebmaster), is the author and originator of eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) and of training sessions and seminars at Lake Hart.

I have nine years of programming experience. I’ve also done a lot of dabbling on the internet and in a variety of technology. I’ve been on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ in the Information Technology Group since 1975. My husband, Mike, is a business systems analyst, also in ITG.

I love good music, a good book, and being outdoors.  We raised three great adult children, but now we have four since our oldest married in 2011. We now have a grandson and another baby on the way!

This interview on 4Word Women explains how I got started with e4e; my heart in what I’d like to do for staff with using technology for ministry; and some of the hurdles staff face and the different ways I try to help them.

I’m active on social media, publish two other blogs (find me here), and write a monthly post for Missional Women. Some of these blog posts were featured on

Pat Mingarelli (pasqualerose) spent 12 years on the photo staff of Worldwide Challenge. He now resides in Bellevue, Nebraska, with his wife Patti, their two children, Talitha and Pasquale, and their dog, Montana. He is a freelance photographer/writer, a community college photography instructor, and also has a creation ministry called The Creation Speaks Project. His website is Wildheart Photography. His Facebook page is God’s Art.

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