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You can receive the latest from e4e in the way that works best for you.

My first choice would be for you to subscribe to the e4e MailChimp account. You can choose to receive a weekly or monthly eMail with links to the most recent posts on eQuipping for eMinistry and/or other eMails: eMail alerts to training opportunities, weekly posts from the annual blog tour, and more.

If you follow blogs through an RSS feed, find the feed options in the right sidebar or after individual posts.

If you prefer, the “WordPress Follow” option is in the footer. WordPress will send you an eMail when I write a post and if you’re a WordPress blogger, the posts show up in your “Blogs I Follow” window. If you’re not a WordPress blogger and choose this subscription over the MailChimp subscription, you won’t receive my other eMail news and alerts.

Follow along!

Please join our 600 subscribers who receive MailChimp emails with e4e posts, notifications of training, and more.

 Like the e4e Fan Page and, for more eMinistry news and social networking with Cru staff, ask to be invited to the FB group, eQuipping You for eMinistry by contacting Sus Schmitt at Cru or through friending me on Facebook.

 Follow Sus Schmitt and watch for the #e4eblog Social Alert for trending topics. If the internet is abuzz about something, I’ll send out tweets with “#e4e Social Alert” so you can share your Christian perspective on your blog or through Tweets.

Find video resources and tutorials at e4e on YouTube. I’m moving locations so I can start having Google Hangouts on Air on the eQuipping for eMinistry YouTube channel.

Flickr-iconSee photos from e4e events on Flickr.


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And yes, eQuipping for eMinistry is on Google+.

5 thoughts on “Follow

    1. Hi, Leendert! Thanks so much for your encouragement. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since visiting your beautiful country. e4e has a lot of Dutch followers, by the way. Hoera!

      I just successfully put e4e on my husband’s iPad with Feedller. I used Let me know if this works for you.


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