5 thoughts on “Things You Really Should Know

  1. Hi, Jey,

    I don’t own a Mac, but I found the following with an online search:

    “The shortcut keys for delete in Mac are Command+Backspace , this moves the item to Trash and doesn’t permanently delete it…. The shortcut keys to delete without confirmation window is Command+Shift+Option+Backspace . However, emptying trash in Mac still doesn’t completely delete it . The deleted files can still be recovered from Data recovery softwares ( apple says it ) . So basically you are being fooled here . You haven’t still permanently deleted files from your computer (maybe for some its a good feature but for me NO ). So to permanentlydelete files from Trash you need to “Securely Empty Trash” from Finder menu .”

    I’ll send you the links I found in a direct eMail. If this isn’t the right answer, I’ll check with some friends and get the correct answer to you.



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