Opportunities for eQuipping and for eMinistry

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Opportunities: Check the eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) Shared Calendar (below) for:

  • social media campaigns by Cru.org and others
  • Indigitous conferences, sessions, and community
  • e4e’s events:
    • blog tours
    • hangouts on air
    • training
  • and more

Follow the e4e Shared Calendar:

  • Copy any of the specific events directly to your personal calendar by opening the event and clicking on the option to “copy the event” OR
  • Add the e4e calendar to your list of Google Calendars
    1. Go to your Google calendar and click the dropdown-arrow next to “Other calendars”
    2. Select “Add by URL” from the menu and paste this URL in to the text box
  • Also, read e4e blog posts about e4e’s current and / or past events still available online

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