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Free Reimbursement Spreadsheet and How to Use It

Today, I’m offering my spreadsheet that I’ve used for more than a decade to track reimbursable items throughout the year. It’s yours as a free download. If you start dealing with medical coverage and insurance… plus mileage and even tolls, you might need a little help tracking these things.

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When the Umbilical Cord Is Cut (Guest Post)

It’s easier to maintain noise than to nurture quiet. Life fills with noise without having to work at it. Quiet takes focus. And desire. Sometimes I don’t want to work that hard. When I don’t have what it takes to quiet my heart and soul, God chooses to do it for me.

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5 Easy Tech Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

I looked for some easy tech tips to write up fairly quickly for this month’s post in the 2016 Byte-size Series. What I found are easy and unusual tips, but I think many of you will find at least one of these ideas useful

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