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Every day, over two million people search on the internet for “I need God,” “Who is Jesus,” “prayer” and other spiritual questions. Global Media Outreach is available to meet these spiritual needs and presents the gospel around the clock over the internet. Every few seconds, visitors come to one of GMO’s 102+ websites, indicate some sort of  decision for Christ, and ask for follow-up. You can watch (and pray for) this as it happens on a new website showing what countries these visitors are from (see screenshot above). The counter resets  to zero every midnight California time. Currently, the site is recording over 65,000 indicated decisions for Christ each day globally, and the number continues to grow.

Global Media Outreach’s websites present the good news of Jesus Christ in over 12 major languages used on the Internet with more to come. More than 4,400+ volunteers (called Online Missionaries) are located in countries all over the world and respond personally to visitors who send in questions via e-mail. The volunteers help them to find Christ, to grow in their Christian faith, and to find a local body of believers. And most initial responses to seekers take less than 5-10 minutes each.

You might like to set this new website as your home page or wallpaper to remind you to pray for these new believers (even as they have just accepted Christ) and to encourage you about what God is doing around the world to draw people to himself.

Click here if you would like specific ways to pray for GMO or information to apply to be an Online Missionary. The system is safe, secure, has many resources for you to use, and can be accessed anytime day or night.

Our goal is to give everyone on earth multiple opportunities to know Christ and grow in their faith.

To learn more, including how your church can have an online missions program for your members, view

To join us as an online volunteer in this Great Commission outreach, apply at

Post from Dr. Allan Beeber, the Orlando Director of Global Media Outreach, which in five years has become one of the largest evangelism and discipleship ministries in the world.

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