Using the Web to Cast a Vision for Hospitality (Guest Post)

I’m sure every Christian would agree with me that we need to turn our world upside down like the early believers did in the book of Acts.  But what was it about them that made the unbelievers around them marvel?  They didn’t have mega churches with programs to meet every need.  All they had were their homes and they used them.  They were known for their hospitality.  Hospitality was even a requirement to be an elder in the church!  In Acts 2:46b – 47 we have a clue: “They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.”

Our homes and our hospitality are the greatest untapped resource of the church.

My desire is for Christians to catch my vision and start to do simple, easy forms of hospitality.  I want to free men and women from the compulsion to impress and, instead, learn how to use their homes to bring joy and hope to others.  I want to show men and women how they can entertain with ease, forget about the details, and focus on the people God brings across their paths.  I also want to show them how they can share the love of Jesus Christ and the hope that He gives.

With this end in mind, I have been exploring using the internet as a means of sharing my message.  I have had a website, Entertaining for Eternity, but wanting more interaction, I have tried some other ideas this past year.

I’ve been writing mostly on my Entertaining For Eternity Facebook page because that’s easiest and I think more people are going to it.  I also have a Facebook group, but wonder about maintaining both of these.  Writing on my blog at seems more daunting than Facebook and I’m not sure it’s getting traffic.  My twitter, Entertain4Him, has not been getting much traffic either.

My dream is that women would write back on one of these sites, sharing with each other what they have tried and sharing their photos, too.  One friend did that on my Facebook page and added nice photos of a fall shower she did.

Now, I have another opportunity with some old technology. . . the radio.  I will be on FamilyLife Today’s national radio broadcast May 3rd, 4th, and 5th.   (see note below)

I’m kinda holding my breath to see how that impacts my life because 1.5 million listeners will hear me over this three-night series!  I know I’ll have to keep up with my Facebook page and I guess I will need to do a better job of blogging and twittering.  I really am not a “techie” and my website needs some changes that I would need to find someone to do.

I have been willing to explore these different online tools because I want to see hundreds of thousands of Christians opening their homes to non-Christians.  Got any suggestions where I should be focusing my attention or what I can do to encourage community on one or more of my internet sites?  Perhaps you have a heart for helping me encourage Christians or have some skills with Facebook, blogspot, or Twitter.  If you do, I need a team to help me handle the flood of people I expect to hear from after May 3rd.  Just reach me on Facebook.

If you have not made hospitality a part of your home, I would like to encourage you to open your front door, put out the welcome mat, and start inviting your friends and acquaintances over for some real caring over a cup of coffee or tea.

NOTE: To hear the three interviews online and/or read the transcripts, go to the FamilyLife Today archives listed below.

  1. Reaching Your Neighbors Through Hospitality
  2. Heavenly Hospitality
  3. Making Yourself Available

Guest Post by Nan McCullough

Nan and her husband, Sam, practice hospitality with almost everyone they have met. Sam works alongside Nan making heavenly hospitality a vital part of his life too.  Hospitality is not just a “woman’s thing”.  They have three adult children and grandchildren.

After eleven years working on college campuses in the northeast, they moved in 1979 to the Christian Embassy in Washington, D.C., where they presently serve.  Sam has a ministry with congressmen and their top advisors.  Nan led The Congressional Wives Bible Study from 1990-1998. Presently, she is the “Women’s Speaker at Large” for the Christian Embassy, speaking to wives of governors, congressmen, ambassadors, generals, and admirals.

Nan is the author of the manual, “Heavenly Hospitality” and the book, Entertaining for Eternity.  She also wrote a training manual for The Jesus Film Project called “Celebrate Jesus! Home Parties for Children.”

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