A Visual Look at the Internet

The Internet Mapping Project from OPTE
Map of the internet from opte.org

This visualization of the internet was used near the end of the TED Talk, “We Are All Cyborgs Now,” which was featured on e4e a few weeks ago.

The Opte Project created this map in 2003.  The colors show internet activity in these locations:

Red – Asia Pacific

Green – Europe/Middle East/ Central Asia/Africa

Blue – North America

Yellow – Latin American and Caribbean

Cyanlocal area networks

White – unknown

They also created other maps using file extensions like mil, net, edu, org, et cetera.  That is, they visualized internet activity for the military, education, and other organizations instead of by location.  I’m sure this image would be significantly different in 2011.

UPDATE: See the 2010 version, which was released in 2014.

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