We Want to Help You Use Technology for Ministry

Especially for those who may be more homebound at this season of life, a computer can be a window to opportunities for evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and more.
If you want to try any of the following already in place, please let us know.
1. stay connected and ministering to other staff women through prayer and conversation on GlobalStaffWomen.com
2. blog, and comment on blogs, as a means to be engaged with CCC women (start with Judy’s blog)
3. use Facebook for ministry
4. answer e-mails from women seeking God at JesusforWomen.com.
5. help answer eMails for EveryStudent.com, Starting with God and Globla Media Outreach
6. volunteer to be in the chat room for EveryStudent.com
7. start your own blog to present the Gospel
Chances are that technology can fit in right where you are, enhancing what you’re already doing and whatever God has gifted you to do for the future.
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