Using HOT Topics

billboard by Harold Camping's Family RadioI hope you’re alert to the opportunities that God gives us through the topics that are buzzing on the internet. Here’s some ways to join in and shed some Truth and Light in cyberspace…

What’s hot?

Check TrendsMap for what’s popular regionally or globally. (Read more on trending.)


If you don’t know what to write, these sites may be just the spark you need for a post idea.  Be sure to use those same search names in your post’s tags so that people will find your site.

As an example, here’s my post today to comment on the buzz about the end of the world predicted by Harold Camping’s Family Radio ministry for May 21st, 2011.  I didn’t have a lot of time and wanted to get this post in as early as I could today.  I created tags from words I found on all three sites listed above.

Facebook has great articles you can use for most hot topics you’ll find.  Visit this great list for recommended articles to share with your friends.

Why not post this link to an article by What Will Happen at the End of the World? in your Facebook status today or tomorrow and start a discussion?


Are you tweeting with others about topics?  Has that been a successful ministry for you?  Please tell us about it!

Today, a lot of activity’s going on at #IfTheWorldEndsOnSaturday.   Jump on in to the conversation and come back to tell us what you learned.


What are you doing to join in cyberspace conversations?

Is your favorite chat room or forum talking about spiritual subjects?  Do you have a favorite blog where you could comment about spiritual topics?  Can you find a YouTube video that shares a spiritual message with your Facebook friends?

Also, try visiting the list for recommended links to share with your friends through an eMail.

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