When to Post to Facebook and Twitter

(See the entire infographic here.)

(See the entire infographic here.)


Would you like to be more organized with your campaign efforts on Facebook and Twitter? What if someone already figured out for you how to put together, and execute, a daily, weekly, and monthly plan through social media for alerting your followers to news and prayer requests?

Look no further than TopNonProfits.com.

Craig Van Korlaar created an infographic and a checklist of what you should do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. He discusses U.S. time zones and many other factors. As a courtesy to the author, go to the original article for all the tips. (Van Korlaar also has a free PDF download of the infographic which is available in at least ten languages.)

For instance, the author recommends to post at least once daily on Twitter with slightly varied post times.

  • The best click-through rate (CTR) times are 8-9am, 2pm, 5pm, 3pm, but test these to fit your audience (Worst times: 1-7am, 10am-1pm, 6-7pm)
  • Best re-tweet (RT) times are noon-4pm – again, test for yourself (Worst times: before 10am and after 7pm)

You might want to check out the Free Editorial Calendar & Campaign Planning Documents from TopNonProfits.com as well. You can even use these spreadsheets  in Google Drive to plan and collaborate on your social media campaigns.

I’m going to use these tools and tips to be more organized… and more effective. What one new thing will you do to use social media more stragegically for ministry?

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2 thoughts on “When to Post to Facebook and Twitter

  1. If you haven’t seen the new Page Insights in Facebook, they are great. One of the most useful features is under “Posts” and then click on “When Your Fans Are Online”. This gives you the exact information when your “fans” are on Facebook and reading your posts. This will give you the best time to post to your community.


    1. Thanks, Doug! I didn’t pay attention to that great new detail.

      I also learned this week that I’ve been lazy, not switching to “eQuipping for eMinistry” when I post on e4e’s Facebook page (I’ve been posting under my name). I need to post as “e4e” to increase the number of people who see my post.


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