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That’s a GREAT Question

Great Question coverThat’s a GREAT Question by Glenn Pearson, is only available free for two days, so grab your copy!

Believers and non-believers will be interested in this free eBook that helps us understand the presuppositions people have about God, and tackles many apparent contradictions in the Bible. I was interested in this story-driven apologetics book because I was intrigued by Glenn’s “filters” to understand what people are thinking when they have objections to faith. Glenn recommends his book for believers and nonbelievers.

On entering college, Glenn Pearson says, “I had no use for Christians who took the Bible seriously;” however, he came to faith in Christ, and then spent nine years on staff with Cru. He repeatedly heard the same questions about the Christian faith. “This led me to the concept of faith filters that allow skeptics to justify their philosophical and theological positions by using their own presuppositions to dismiss the parts of the Bible they don’t like,” he explains.

Great Question cover_ German

I haven’t read his book yet, but check out this excerpt which defines five basic filters.

Download your copy on Thursday, January 30th until late Friday night, January 31st. Visit today and tomorrow, clicking on the book cover to get the free download (in various formats including Kindle, iBook, and Nook).

Also, from February 1 through March 1, That’s A Great Question will be available for only $2.99 or less through the same web site or on

This book is also available in German.

ESV Audio Bible

ESV Audio Bible

The ESV Audio Bible has been free for the month of January. Download this audio Bible before Saturday.

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