How Do You Send Your Newsletters Electronically?

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How Do You Send Your Newsletters Electronically?

I’ll keep this brief because I’d like you to answer an informal survey for me.  Later this summer, I’ll start some posts on MailChimp for the You-Can-Too series, so this survey will help me “scratch where you itch.”

Please use your email address to complete the survey. If you don’t have a address and are on Campus Crusade for Christ staff, please request access to this survey from me, Sus Schmitt. If for any reason you can’t get into the survey, try visiting it here or requesting access by writing my blog email address: e4e at

How Has the You-Can-Too Series Helped You?

This is a bonus question. Whether or not you have any interest in emailing prayer letters or using MailChimp, I’d love it if you would answer the last question on the survey about how the You-Can-Too series has helped you. Thank you so much for reading eQuipping for eMinistry and for taking this survey!

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