Extended Deadline (and Easier Entry) for You-Can-Too Series Giveaway

Photo Taken by zandwacht on Flickr
Photo Taken by zandwacht on Flickr

Easier Entry for You-Can-Too Series Giveaway

I imagined a LOT of entries for the You-Can-Too series giveaway, especially since I plan to give a tablet to two winners. Looking at a BLANK entry list this morning, I realize I made it too difficult to sign up. I know some of you have already been trying to qualify, so head on over to the new entry rules this week. Essentially, I’d like you to read The Ripple Effect and also to write a paragraph or two of what you’ve learned through eQuipping for eMinistry.

Extended Deadline for You-Can-Too Series Giveaway

I’m only extending the deadline to the end of the month, November 30, 2014. I hope that’s not a hardship for some of you because of all that goes on at this time of year. If you’ve already made some changes in your life and / or ministry because of eQuipping for eMinistry, all you need to do is read a short eBook and write your paragraph. If you have questions, write me at e4e at cru.org

If you aren’t sure what to do or how your efforts might qualify, please sign up anyway. I’ll be glad to connect with you to discuss what you’re doing. My point in the qualifications is to encourage people to try new technologies to help them in ministry. I can be flexible about what you do, but I also want to recognize levels of effort, so I prefer to give the tablet to someone who stood out in tackling new tools and technology. I expect to have two winners in each of four levels.

You’re also able to “go back in” to your sign-up to add more learning to your initial entry.

Sign up here!

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Visit the Table of Contents for the You-Can-Too series posts.

Check out the incentive prizes and instructions for participation!

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