The You-Can-Too Series Giveaway Winners

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Phew! The 2014 You-Can-Too series is over. I worked hard and I know you did, too! When I started this e4e giveaway, I had in mind to give eight prizes, including two tablets. God provided just enough funds and just enough entrants, so it was quite easy for me to know who the winners were.

Terry and Doug are the happy owners of new Kindle Fire HD7 tablets. Six others have awesome portable speakers. Two of these winners are from Africa.

… and Takeaways

So, what happened through the You-Can-Too series this year? Rejoice with me at the changed lives through e4e. Here’s some takeaways from the entries:

In MPD, …the addition of Sidekick is really a winner …it is really interesting to be able to see exactly when they open that mail. It was [also] good to be introduced to the zero inbox concept. I had more than 8000 unread emails in my box…  I understand that it is going to take a long time to become good at doing this regularly, but I am ready to continue.  ~ Patrick, Cameroon

Sus encouraged me to start my own blog, and I regularly meet with her blogging group to learn how to improve it. Last year, one church used my apologetics posts about the resurrection in their bulletin. In addition, I have put many of her hints into practice, [including] regularly connecting with my ministry partners through social media. It has been fun to share ideas and resources with them through iPhone texts, Facebook, and a personal website. I feel much more connected to them, and I think they also feel that.  ~ Lynn

1) My colleagues are amazed at my rapid development in using technological tools so well to change my situation and theirs. 2) Updating my give page has attracted new partners. 3) I don’t need to go to my financial office to ask who has invested online but I check myself. 4) I have just learnt how to send email (newsletter) from my blog. ~ Mathias, Cameroon

I have been doing MailChimp mailings now at your encouragement, I think that learning that so many people open their emails on their phones and can’t really see a PDF… helped convince me to go MailChimp instead of regular email, Sus, and am so happy that I started them… I have used tips from the photo editing posts as well as the Facebook posts. Keep up the good work!!! ~ Brenda

I am fully now aware of the advantages of TntMPD and MPDx as tools at my disposal. Currently I am using TntMPD on my laptop and MPDx on my smartphone because of the app available. This has also helped me to use one database on TntMPD. Prior to this I had no database. Finally, I have been motivated to further equip myself… I have enrolled for a digital skills course… They were offering a scholarship for those desiring to be equipped and as such I took the offer and was accepted. ~ David, Zimbabwe

eMinistry with The Ripple Effect

eQuipping for eMinistry is not just about equipping staff with tech skills, but also with eMinistry skills.  Because of the easily transferable concepts in The Ripple Effect, I made it required reading for the You-Can-Too series giveaway.  Here’s what staff are saying about using in way-of-life witnessing conversations.

I’ve loved the idea of, but have never really understood the depth to which it reaches. I especially never thought about how I could use it in my daily life as a mom. I love that it’s as easy as having a sincere conversation and pointing people to a website that helps answer their questions. I can do that! ~ Meg

I will share this resource with the guy who runs the Cru group at our [high] school and let him know what’s available. ~ Stephanie

I love the integration of digital and face-to-face [in sharing our faith]. Our lives are not separated, there is no time when a person can say now I am in my digital aspect of life and now I am on my social aspect and so on. [The book uses] these at the same time. ~ David

Such a low-key but effective way to reach people in our culture. I am planning to discuss how we might partner with them on our MagdalenaToday website as a possible follow-up partner. ~ Brenda

Thank you to Women’s Resources, the Global Technology Office, and several others, who contributed to provide these incentive gifts for staff. Leadership here at headquarters wants you to learn and succeed in technology ministry tools.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the You-Can-Too series this year! Add a comment of what you learned this year from eQuipping for eMinistry!

2014-you can too 750x380

This completes the e4e series on databases, communication, websites, and social media, however, you can still visit the Table of Contents for all the You-Can-Too series posts any time.

NOTE: If you’re interested in all the responses, you’ll find them on Google Drive.

2 thoughts on “The You-Can-Too Series Giveaway Winners

  1. Well done Sus! It was so encouraging reading the posts from those in the contest to see their forward steps and think how many more who didn’t enter the contest have been helped like this through e4e! Wonderful! Praise the Lord!


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