Your One-Stop Spot for Cru19

Your One-Stop Spot for Cru19

Two years ago, I created the first One-Stop Spot post for Cru’s Staff conference for eQuipping for eMinistry readers. To find this post during the conference, use

I also have instructions on how to use the Google Calendar for Cru19.

[UPDATED:  07/22/19: I’ll keep this post updated for you If I learn of links or I discover anything you might be interested in.]

Does it help to have everything in one place? I think so, so here is your one-stop spot for our National Staff Conference, Cru19 (July 19 – July 25). This page isn’t exhaustive. I’ve gleaned the writing + tech + ministry topics I believe my readers would want to know about. (If you don’t see a link, I haven’t found that information for you yet.)

General Conference Info

The Staff Conference website.

Watch the conference live.

The Cru19 shuttle schedule: Daily 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM (Sunday ends at 4:00 PM)

Get tech help by making an appointment at techhelp at or dropping in at the desk in the basement of Durrell on the north end.

If needed, conferees may contact


Follow the conference:

… and Hashtags

  • #Cru19
  • #RoadtoCru19
  • #BAM19
  • #BamCram
  • #BAMisGrowing

Where to find the Cru19 app.


The #RoadtoCru19 photo contest is still going on until Monday. Post your photo of your trip to Cru19 on social media with #RoadtoCru19 to win a tee shirt.

Cru19 on social media has daily giveaways. Follow on your favorite social channel.

BAM attendees have several options to increase their chances for the giveaways, including sharing on social media.

Schedule and Calendar

The Cru19 team created a Google calendar of the conference. Find it here at this link.

If you’re using the schedule in the app, the Cru19 team also added a Cru19 Happenings schedule with all the “unofficial” events. The BAM Meetup is listed there, for instance.

I added the events in this post to the eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) Google calendar.

[NOTE: If you want to add (follow) either the Cru19 or e4e Google calendar, follow these instructions. If you want to add individual items from either calendar to your calendar, click on the event, then click on the three dots, choose copy to your calendar.]

Cru19: Check These Out

July 20 – 25 Digital Ministry Training Schedule

Check out these training sessions in the basement of Durrell. The full write-ups are here. I found videos of these sessions on the Conference Facebook page.

  • 7/20 at 3:45 How Digital Tools Help You Reach the World
  • 7/20 at 4:30 Beyond the Past: Learning to Use Digital Platforms in New Ways
  • 7/21 at 3:45 Two Unlikely Gospel Conversations
  • 7/21at 4:30 Ways You Can Have Spiritual Conversations without Looking like a Weirdo
  • 7/22 at 3:45 Creating Brand Awareness with the Device in Your Pocket
  • 7/22 at 4:30 Journey Together: The Cru Brand in 2019 and Beyond
  • 7/23 at 3:45 Creating Powerful Experiences Propelled by Design Thinking
  • 7/23 at 4:30 Digital Fail: Three Ways We Failed in Digital This Year
  • 7/24 at 3:45 Picture It: Creating a Cru-Wide Stock Image Site
  • 7/24 at 4:30  Workplace by Facebook – Social Communication for a Worldwide Movement
  • 7/25 at 3:45 Fresh Takes: Building New Storytelling Methods to Engage Your Audience
  • 7/25 at 4:30 Can Digital Scale Your Capacity to Disciple?

July 20 Ministry Mixer

Anne Marie Winz and I will be hosting a table about writing as a ministry at the Lory Center (3:30 to 5:30). Judy Douglass will also have some reps at a table for women’s issues. If you’re interested in connecting on these topics, we’d love to chat with you.

July 20 When You Love a Prodigal: Treasures in the Wilderness

Workshop by Judy Douglass (Clark A207 at 2:45)

July 20 Setting People Face-to-Face with Jesus in the Digital Age

Workshop by Erica Frogner (Clark A203 at 2:45). Eruca will be hosting a Table Talk at the BAM Meetup Wednesday at 3:30, too.

July 22 A Closer Walk with Christ

Super Seminar by Steve and Judy Douglass (Lory Student Center Grand Ballroom C/D at 1:30)

July 22 BAM Cru19 Authors Book-signing

Buy some books in the bookstore, grab some “joe,” and meet with authors in the big coffee shop tent across from Moby. Monday, July 22nd, starting at 4:30.

TIP: Buy your books ahead of time. Here’s the list of authors and their books.

July 23 U.S. Marketing Mixer

Learn more about marketing. RSVP and get more details here. (From 4:00 to 6:00)

July 24 BAM: Bloggers, Authors, and Ministry writers Meet-up

If you have any interest in writing, come to the BAM Meetup at Edwards Hall 3:30 to 5:00.

On the main floor:

In the basement (two BAM Crams, like TED Talks):

  • Katie James at 3:45 on “You Can Handle The Truth: and other true things about writing.”
  • Rasool Berry at 4:15 on “Tackling Tough Topics in Toxic Times.”

July 25 Soul Care in the Midst of Ambiguous Loss

Workshop by Pat and Tammy McLeod (Lory Student Center 372/374 at 2:45). Tammy will be hosting a Table Talk at the BAM Meetup Wednesday at 3:30, too.

More Opportunities

Tech Help

You may know about the Help Desk in Durrell. While supplies last, the Mobile Help Desk can replace most iPhone screens (5S thru 8 Plus), install glass screen protectors, and replace batteries.


The two BAM Crams on Wednesday will be videotaped. I’ll post them on eQuipping for eMinistry.

I’m planning to do Facebook Live a few times on eQuipping for eMinistry’s Facebook page:

  • July 5th about 11:00 EST – An interview with Judy Douglass.
  • July 22nd at 4:00 MST – The BAM Cru Author Signing
  • July 24th – The opening of the BAM Meetup at 3:30 MST

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