Tips for Clearing Your Inbox to Free You for Deep, Creative Work (Guest Post)

I’m continuing my bite-size blog series with easy ideas to start the new year. Shawn Cramer guest posts with a few email tips and tricks to free you for creativity.

Tips and Tricks for Clearing Your Inbox

Have you found a way to leave time for creativity? Do you have time to think about “what could be?”

Starting work by opening your inbox is fatal to creative, deep work.

I’ve detailed a few of my email hacks in the following Loom video. Try some of my ideas to cut the time you spend in your inbox.

(Look for my guest post on God Fully Known on January 20, 2022 for more thoughts on creative margin.)

Tips for Clearing Your Inbox

(From Sus: See the NOTES, too, if I mark a tip with an asterisk*. )


0:45 Don’t react to email, filter it. Do deep work before you even go to your inbox.

1:00 The Boomerang app allows you to schedule emails*. (Discount available through Cru)

1:25 Set Boomerang to alert you when an email hasn’t been answered.

1:40 Filter all “unsubscribe” emails to a “to read” folder.

2:10 Suggestions for other emails to filter so you don’t even see them.

2:40 Schedule and forward an “agenda email” to yourself to refresh your thoughts before a meeting*.

3:00 Reply at the time if your response takes less than two minutes.

3:20 Star the email that relates to your deep work and leave it in your inbox.

3:45 For a registration email, move it to a task list for later rather than working from your inbox.

4:15 Pause your inbox when you’re doing your priority work for the day.

I hope these ideas serve you well.

Guest Post by Shawn Cramer

Shawn helps lead an Innovation Lab with Cru and finds his sweet spot when he’s creating something, fostering learning, and helping others’ dreams become reality.

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  • Some expanded information for the tips with asterisks*:
  • Check out Loom to record and share videos.
  • Keyboard photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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