What to Do about Duplicate Content

Haitian TwinsFor several years I’ve heard bloggers express concern about duplicate content. I finally found two articles that explain it very well. If you are a blogger and want to guest-post on other blogs or want to use content from other sites, you really should familiarize yourself with the effects of duplicate content for Google searches Continue reading “What to Do about Duplicate Content”

Tag Cloud of thesovereign.wordpress.com

Tag Stuffing… Who, Me?

Tag Cloud of thesovereign.wordpress.comI learned a few weeks ago about “tag stuffing.” I also learned my many tags may be hindering my page ranking instead of helping it.

Spammers will put a lot of tags into their sites (even duplicate tags), hoping to rank high in internet searches. ¬†They will also put in tags that aren’t related to the content of their website or post. You may have noticed this in spam comments (the commenter says one thing, but has unrelated links included in his comment that promote his site or product).

I’ve put in lots of tags because I think a variety¬†of different readers would like a particular post. That may be true, but search engines find all those links and also the links in my tag cloud (see related post) and may conclude that I’m tag stuffing. This may be hurting my page ranking on some search engines. Continue reading “Tag Stuffing… Who, Me?”