Sharing Christ Online at Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas

December is a great time for sharing Christ online, taking advantage of many Internet searches and conversations about Christmas. I put some ideas together for you today to spark some ways to share your faith this month.

Sharing Christ through Searches

Using social media and blogging, consider sharing or creating content along these topics and tying it into the gospel:

  • What is Christmas?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Christmas traditions and decorations
  • The best Christmas gift
  • This month, football
  • And because of current movies, #StarWars and Peanuts (Charlie Brown and gang)

Of course, topics that work all year might even do better in December when people may be more open spiritually. Find articles and videos on to share answers to their searches:

  • Who is God?
  • How do I deal with depression?
  • Grieving and the holidays

For blogging, include the key topic in the title, URL, first sentence, and in headings to increase the possibility of your post being found in an Internet search.

For all social media, consider your audience, choosing your tone and your words to speak to their hearts. Also, be available. Be willing to be online when you publish in order to respond to comments.

Sharing Christ through Christmas Photos and Videos

As always, great photos and videos attract people to your content.

Christmas-related images are free to download from Free Bible Images.

Share everyone’s favorite The Meaning of Christmas clip from A Charlie Brown Christmas on social media. This could be especially timely since The Peanuts Movie is still in theaters.

Other videos you might share, or embed on your blog, include:

Other Ideas for Sharing Christ Online

Share each daily advent post from

More evangelism ideas:

I’m sure you have great ideas, too. Please share them in the comments.

NOTE: The screenshots are from ABC’s showing of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

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