Giving to eQuipping for eMinistry

favicon blueThank you for desiring to help eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) grow! I started this blog and related services in 2009. Judy Douglass graciously funded my early adventures, but 2014 is the year to increase what can be done through e4e launching out on its own. In addition to the blog, eQuipping for eMinistry provides various learning opportunities and events.

How your gift will be used in 2014

I’m hoping to attend the Indigitous Amsterdam conference in May, meeting with two European staff at the conference to learn together how to further their similar ministries in Budapest and St. Petersburg. I also will do a day of training in Birmingham, UK, while in Europe, and am looking into another half day of training in another location.

I also want to purchase giveaways for Cru staff participating in the You-Can-Too series. I’m convinced hundreds of staff could make significant progress with the skills they’ll learn this year through the series, which will encourage them to have: regular email and social media connections with their financial partners, an up-to-date website, and an organized database to keep track of their donors. Of course, it’s always helpful to have an incentive or a reward, as well, to encourage them to make the effort they’ll need to make.

Internal Gift Transfer

The “best” way for Campus Crusade for Christ staff to donate is by using the Internal Gift Transfer system. Just indicate the designation, 0798349, and how much you would like to donate in your email to IGT ( This type of donation guarantees your gift is transferred at 100% of the amount.

If you prefer to use the more traditional way to transfer funds, just email me (e4e at for the information you’ll need; however, an IGT transaction is different, occurring in the donation system, and will download to TntMPD, automatically alerting me to your gift and a need for a thank you, helping me be more efficient.

If you’re not a CCC Staff Member

Thank you for so much for your interest and encouragement! I’m glad eQuipping for eMinistry has been helpful to you. Donate online at our secure site.

Thank you for helping make this service possible for even more Campus Crusade for Christ staff.  I’m grateful for the many volunteers who’ve assisted me with blog posts and various learning opportunities and events.

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