Staying on Track with a Free Reimbursement Spreadsheet

I recommend my spreadsheet if you have a lot of expenses and you’ve found it hard to track details. If you’re dealing with medical coverage, mileage, and manual submissions, you’ll need a little help so you aren’t derailed. Additionally, you need a place to follow your pending expenses or make notes. A spreadsheet will keep you on track.

If you don’t do spreadsheets that much, give this one a try. It’s all set up for you and is especially useful if you’re Cru staff. Continue reading Staying on Track with a Free Reimbursement Spreadsheet

An eMinistry of Significance

Who knew that a worldwide pandemic would usher in a “new normal” for virtual meetings and small group ebooks? The Significance Project saw God open opportunities to present Jesus and build multiplying disciples. Throughout the year, people considered Jesus as their Life Foundation, grew in their relationship with Him, and discovered how to join Him in His mission.

The Significance Project would be glad to come alongside you in your ministry.  Continue reading An eMinistry of Significance