Your October MPD Ideas. . . and a Deadline

Your October MPD Ideas

In my last post, I listed ideas you could do per month until the end of the year. I realize a monthly suggestion probably works better for you, so here are my ideas for October.


Pick one thing to work on or one thing to do for October.

Update Your Give.Cru.Org Site

Before sending your End-of-the-Year Ask (EOYA), you’ll want to make sure your Give site is accurate.

  • Keep your text brief. The more a reader scrolls, the more likely they will stop reading.
  • Use a good headshot for your main photo. See Important Changes to Your Cru Give Site for more details on this.

This update should take less than 15 minutes. If you need more help, read my post: Important Changes to Your Cru Give Site.

Order Stamps

Order stamps for your EOYA and for Christmas from

Shipping Dates Deadline

From my last post you learned shippers add surcharges around the holidays. FedEx and UPS have already increased. You have a small window to save costs with Amazon and with the U. S. Post Office:

  • Amazon – third-party sellers will have a peak season fee October 15 – January 14
  • USPS –  October 2, 2022 through January 22, 20223 is their peak holiday season

Look for Ways to Connect

Be aware of opportunities to call, text, email, or write your partners. (Keep in touch throughout the year.)

One suggestion? October 9, 2002 is Pastor Appreciation Day.  (Hobby Lobby has ministry appreciation cards.) Any time in October is okay to mail these since the whole month is Clergy Appreciation Month.

Did You Miss the September Ideas?

IF you have time, go back to the last post (which covered ideas from September through December). Find something to check off from the September list. I suggested staying current with thank you notes and with missing donations. I had other ideas, as well.

Martin Luther had 95 theses on his list on October 31, 1517. You just need one idea on your October MPD list.

The painting of Dr. Martin Luther posting his 95 theses (in Wittenberg, Germany) by Ferdinand Pauwels, is in the public domain and is available on Wikimedia Commons.

What do you think?

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