eQuipping for eMinistry connects the people of the world with the person of Jesus by equipping Cru staff with easily-understood technology for ministry.


This website / blog is available to all. I am Sus Schmitt, a Cru missionary since 1975, specializing in blogs and all that’s related to blogging.

Need Help?

There are hundreds of posts on this blog which I’m reorganizing to make content easier to find. I recommend visiting Finding Your Way around eQuipping for eMinistry to quickly find what you need.

Of course, you may also comment or email me, the webmaster, Sus Schmitt (e4e at cru dot org).


All of your posts are helpful and thorough. Indeed, e4e is like a smorgasbord at a wedding—so much stuff I can’t possibly consume it all. But this post is, in my opinion, the most helpful one you have done so far. So practical. Thanks. Keep up the good work. (Bob blogs at www.TNT.tips) Continue reading Bob


I just wanted to let you know that I already love Scrivener!  I did the two-hour tutorial for it, so I understand how the program works really well.  It’s so helpful for type B brains like mine! I’m already so happy starting to write.  If God ever … Continue reading Hannah


Your heart and momentum for helping staff is amazing. Continue reading Ryan


Thanks, Sus, for helping ALL of us to learn and enjoy blogging! Many of us would not be doing this if it weren’t for you! Continue reading Terry


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