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eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) is written mainly with Cru global staff in mind, but this site will, hopefully, encourage any and every Christian to use new-to-you technologies and applications for ministry. You might also discover a new way to approach what you’re already doing. If you are baffled by technology or not sure where to start with eMinistry, this site is also for you.

Need Help?

Use the broad categories across the top to find generally what you need. Use the Tutorials links in the sidebar or use the search bar for more specific help.

Of course, you may also comment or email the webmaster, Sus Schmitt (e4e at cru dot org).

Testimonials for e4e

Your heart and momentum for helping staff is amazing. ~ Ryan

Sus, you do far more for Cru staff from home than most. And you specialize in the practical! Thanks so much. ~ Sandra

It is a boost to connect with you and to feel supported. ~ Laura

All of your posts are helpful and thorough. Indeed, e4e is like a All of your posts are helpful at a wedding—so much stuff I can’t possibly consume it all. But THIS post is, in my opinion, THE most helpful one you have done so far. SO practical. Thanks. Keep up the good work. ~ Bob

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