Photo Ideas for Your End-of-Year Fund Appeal (Guest Post)

From my days of being on staff with Cru I know this can be a very fruitful time in fundraising. I spent many hours writing letters and stuffing envelopes between Thanksgiving and the end of the first week of December. Those were hours well spent and greatly benefited my ministry.

As a visual person, I knew the importance of putting a photograph or two in my letter. You may want to consider getting a good family portrait done. I’d suggest having it done professionally, but if you don’t have the time or resources you can do it yourself.

If you do it yourself, make sure you have a nice background but are a good distance away from it. Try for at least 15 feet or more. Vegetation or a body of water in the background works nice. Check out this article I wrote earlier this year on portraits: 5 Things to Remember When Taking an Outdoor Portrait.

Another option can be to use a photo of the family that was taken during a moment that was a highlight of your year, such as a summer project. If you choose to go this route, make sure all the faces are clear and with good expressions. The same can be true if you choose just to use photos of your kids. Make sure the faces are large enough in the photo to be seen well.

Mingarelli FamilyGuest Post: Pat Mingarelli spent 12 years on the photo staff of Worldwide Challenge. He now resides in Bellevue, Nebraska, with his wife Patti, their two children, Talitha and Pasquale, and their dog, Montana. He is a freelance photographer/writer, a community college photography instructor, and also has a creation ministry called The Creation Speaks Project. His website is Wildheart Photography. His Facebook page is God’s Art.

Read more of Pat’s posts on e4e.

8 thoughts on “Photo Ideas for Your End-of-Year Fund Appeal (Guest Post)

  1. I agree that good photos are important. Remember that the focus of the End of the Year Ask is that people are giving for your ministry to reach the lost. No matter what the fund appeal is for, it needs to tie into that. One picture of the family is good, but have another picture is a ministry picture.


  2. Nothing like the background of the Colorado Rockies for a stunning family Christmas picture. We send one every year with our year-end ask.

    From time to time, when the whole family is together at special events like a trip to the mountains during staff training, I tell everyone, “Make this picture work and we won’t have to dress up and have someone else take it later this fall.” That’s usually enough motivation for everyone to smile for the camera.

    Good thoughts, Pat. Timely post, Sus.


    1. Thanks, Anne Marie,

      I like how you motivate your family! 😉

      I think I would have trouble, though, using a Rocky Mountain photo in a fund appeal. I guess it’s been working for you and your team.

      Thanks for your continued and warm encouragement. Love you back!


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