eCards and Valentines

If you have some time,  run out to the store for one or two packs of Valentine’s cards (six for $4 at Walmart) and a box of individually-wrapped flavored tea bags .

Are you back from the store?


Address the  cards, write a note about sharing a quiet moment and a cup of tea with your friend and insert a tea bag in the card.

You just started a good new habit for early February each year.  Other inserts you can try are photos, bookmarks, decorative post-it note pads, and handmade items.  I make plastic canvas magnets throughout the year that I can stick in a card.  You could also consider enclosing the card and a DVD of Magdalena in a padded envelope.  (Do you have flat card-sized gift ideas that enclose well in a card?)

A friend had suggested to me once that the widows on our donor team probably do not want reminders of birthdays and anniversaries.  I had already been sending birthday and anniversary cards for years and thought of James 1:27 which says, “religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…”   I decided that day to start sending Valentines to some of the widows and single women on our donor team.

You could also pick out a few women friends to send an eValentine to.  I sent these two this year:

You could record which eCard you send in your donor’s TntMPD’s history so you don’t use the same eCard next year.

Do you have a favorite eCard website that you like to use?

In Part Two of this series, I will talk about how I manage to send over 100 eCards and over 200 greeting cards per year, not including 300 Christmas cards. . . and in a non-stressful, manageable way.

NOTE: I recommend TntMPD to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries  and more ….

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