How to Get More Clickthrough Rates on Your Tweets

Dan Zarrella of Hubspot analysed 200,000 tweets containing links to find out the best times, days, length of tweet, and even the best position for the link in your tweet.  And more.

The only thing I had to figure out was about …  Turns out it’s an online newspaper you create for yourself with the content you’re interested in.  I already was doing that with (which I can also read on our Kindle Fire).  So, I think I’ll sign up for and  follow articles that I’m interested in tweeting (probably info to enhance my blogs’ content).  I think I’ll keep everything else I might read on Feedly.  So, Feedly will be like my own “Reader’s Digest” feed for relaxed, personal reading and will be similar to “Newsweek” for when I want to keep up with technology and other news.

Original source: Digital Buzz (and a heads-up from my sister!)

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