“Lost” in Conversation

I have a few links for you to help you in your conversations with others this week and next about “Lost.”  We have a great opportunity to use this TV series as a starting point for spiritual issues that many people may have not thought of before.

Now is the time (while the subject is still “hot”) to turn conversations about “Lost” to ask about good and evil, redemption, and life after death.  Has your friend even thought of these things before?  Have they considered the possibility of the supernatural before?  Have they known that they are spiritual creatures?

You might want to read some of these posts from Campus Crusade for Christ staff to get your own mind wrapped around some of the issues and discussions so you are prepared to dialogue with others:

Also, you could link to these posts in Facebook to start a discussion with others.  Or maybe you would like to post your own thoughts in your Facebook Notes and tag others that you would like to invite into the conversation.

Please tell us what creative conversations you have with people.

Also, please add your recommended links to help all of us in our conversations with “the lost” … about “Lost” and the forgiveness we can know through Jesus Christ.  Here’s another recommendation from HollywoodJesus.com:

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