Nan’s Story: You Can Learn Technology (Guest Post)

With Nan in DC

As a new widow I was overwhelmed by technology because my husband was the family computer person as well as the techie for the Christian Embassy. He handled everything for my ministry except my simple email.  He was always available to answer my questions and make sure my tech things got done. When he left for Heaven I struggled between his PC and mine trying to pay bills and handle Cru responsibilities.

In all our many years on staff I had never submitted a Cru reimbursement nor cleared a One Card nor done a mail merge nor sent out electronic letters to our ministry partners.  Then my son suggested that I buy a Mac and subscribe to their Apple One to One  tech support.  So, I went to the Apple store with a girlfriend and my credit card without a clue what to buy.  (I had avoided computer stores like the plague when my husband went in one.)  I phoned my techie son in another city and handed the phone to the sales clerk.  Between the two of them and my girlfriend they decided what I should purchase.

I view learning how to use a computer as part of my job and go to the Apple store at least once a week for lessons.  I spent 4 hours there that first lonely New Year’s Eve and, together with various Apple staff, I put out my first prayer letter electronically.  Whew!  I still go about once a week and usually bring along homemade cookies for my new Apple friends.

I like to think that my husband is looking down from that celestial “cloud of witnesses” and is cheering me on and proud of me. Before he died he said, “You’re a smart woman.  You can do this.”  I try to live up to that as I hear his words echoing in my head.  You can do it too!

Nan with saladGuest Post by Nan McCullough

Nan is the author of the manual, “Heavenly Hospitality” and the book, Entertaining for Eternity.  She also wrote a training manual for The JESUS Film Project called “Celebrate Jesus! Home Parties for Children.” Check out all of Nan’s resources at Entertaining for Eternity and follow her blog, too, for more ideas.

Nan and her husband, Sam, practiced hospitality with almost everyone they met. After eleven years working on college campuses in the northeast, Sam and Nan moved in 1979 to the Christian Embassy in Washington, D.C., where Nan still serves.  Sam entered the presence of his Lord and Savior in July 2011.

The feature photo: Nan and Sus got together recently at Panera Bread for some girl talk and help with MailChimp.

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