Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you use keyboard shortcuts?  Knowing some shortcuts will help you be more efficient.  For instance, when I need to copy a URL to put a link in a document, I put my cursor on the website address then I hold down  CTRL + A which selects the address, then CTRL + C copies it.  I go back to Word (or wherever I am working on at the moment) and use CTRL + V to paste the address.  (See this post for more details about putting hyperlinks in documents.)

It really is worth learning some of these.  Watch the video to see how to use the keys mentioned in the two lists below.  (Use the Command Key instead of the Control Key if you have a Mac):

  • CTRL+A: Select all in window
  • CTRL+C: Copy
  • CTRL+X: Cut
  • CTRL+V: Paste
  • CTRL+Z: Undo
  • CTRL+B: Bold
  • CTRL+U: Underline
  • CTRL+I: Italic

I also use the first Microsoft shortcut listed below and I want to start using the second one.  I’m always opening Windows Explorer!

  • Windows Logo+M: Minimize all (try D instead of M, you might like it better.)
  • Windows Logo+E: Windows Explorer

Check out this list of Windows keyboard shortcuts to find some more ways to save time at the computer.

Sorry, I am not a Mac user, but I found a post highlighting basic keyboard shortcuts along with a complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

You can search the computer and find many posts and video tutorials for keyboard shortcuts for other things as well.  Here’s some samples:

Whether you use a PC or a Mac, what are your favorite shortcuts?


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