Online Bibles

I know of three Bible resources online.  Can you recommend more?

I use BibleGateway exclusively for finding Bible passages and linking them to my blog posts.  You can also use this site for Bible study and research and use a reading plan to read through the Scriptures.

The Blue Letter Bible is an online reference library with Bible study teaching and commentaries.  You could also sign up for a daily Bible reading by following their Twitter account. This could be useful for mobile users to have a daily Bible reading sent automatically to their phone.

And then there’s YouVersion.  Their Bible App is #2 behind Facebook in free downloads (see recent stat) .  They currently offer 41 translations in 22 languages for mobile phones.

On YouVersion, you can use their reading plan or be a part of a Bible Study  studying the Bible together with a group.  You can also use YouVersion to post Bible verses in either your Facebook or Twitter status. [Also see the YouVersion Twitter account and the YouVersion YouTube acoount]

These overviews are definitely a bit sketchy for what you can potentially do with any of these websites.  Please let us know how you use these online Bibles.

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