4 Things Your Website Needs from Social Media

This is the first in a series of three posts about the great day at Lake Hart we had with our guest, Steve Raquel, on Tuesday. (The link goes to Steve’s official bio, but I’d like to add that he and his wife, Stephanie, are also involved with the Cru metro and FamilyLife ministries in Chicago.  They were involved as students with Cru and invest in several of our staff members.)

Steve graciously spent time consulting with some individuals and also spoke at three sessions.   I’ll be posting three days consecutively for these sessions and hope to send an eMail out next week about how to view the videos.  The sessions were:

Because these materials need to be secure (see the third point in the notes), I won’t be posting how to obtain the videos and Power Points here; however, I thought I’d pass along some of my notes.

Social Media and Websites

Do you use social media to make entertainment choices or before purchasing something? (I know I go straight to “reviews” on Amazon.com when I’m considering buying something.) Subtly, our entire way of making decisions and being informed has changed.  Steve pointed out that people will likely go through their social networks to find our CCC websites.  Therefore, our websites need:

  1. A community*
  2. Content which needs to:
    • change 5 times per month*
    • be concise
    • be of good quality
    • be engaging
    • include user-generated content
    • load fast: in 3 to 4 seconds
  3. A social media person to:
    • respond quickly to comments, eMails, and Tweets
    • be aware of Google ranking and “bad press,” responding appropriately
  4. Links to other Campus Crusade for Christ websites

You’ll learn more from the video on social media and websites, including:

  • An explanation of keywords and how they’re changing
  • Why Siri is a game changer
  • The importance of the time-of-day for your posts
  • And more

Please comment if you attended this session and would like to share your take-aways from Steve.  (Because of Steve’s talk, I’m hoping to encourage our staff bloggers to link to each other’s blogs.)  Come back tomorrow for notes from the MPD session.

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  • *Facebook and Twitter feeds help refresh your content and provide a community.
  • See photos from our sessions at Lake Hart.
  • In a week or so, we’ll have the PowerPoints and videos from the sessions available.  I’ll let you know at that time how you can view them.  These will only be available on a secure site for CCC staff.  If you’re interested in these videos, simply subscribe to e4e and request to receive eMails about training.  You’ll also learn of other future training opportunities.
  • Steve’s blog is a good resource for understanding and using social media.
  • Steve’s Tweets

6 thoughts on “4 Things Your Website Needs from Social Media

  1. “Do you use social media to make entertainment choices or before purchasing something?” – Good question! To answer, I almost always use search. But every so often there’s something where a referral is preferred over my own research. In those cases I will turn to social media to ask my friends for recommendations.


  2. Thanks for this post and the e4e blog! I’m looking forward to applying all that I learn from here to my personal ministry and for our national movement (God-willing) in PCCC.


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