Two Musts for Ministry: Technology and Proficiency (Guest Post)

smart phoneYou cannot be effective in ministry today unless you are PROFICIENT in technology/social media.

Not an expert, nor a casual observer, but intentional, strategic, and humble to learn, try, and discard technological tools.

I love what Matt Stauffer, a staff member from Intervarsity, is doing over at Staffhacker. So much so that I’m going to be guest posting there regularly on the topics of technology and productivity.  “One Awesome Place to Capture Your Tasks,” my first guest post, is live on the Staffhacker, but the even easier thing to do is subscribe to the Staffhacker blog.

Guest Post by Brian Barela: Brian is a 2000 graduate of UCLA where he majored in Ancient Greek and History. He’s now a father of three and a husband of one and the Missional Team Leader at Chico State. Brian likes Miles Davis, Point Break, translating ancient Greek, the larger Epistles, and the Bruins.

Follow Brian on his blog or follow him on Twitter at brianbarela. His preferred blogging platform is TypePad.  Read Brian’s original post.

NOTE from Sus: When I read Brian’s post, I thought of  YOU! No matter what your level of technological skill (or your opinion of technology), I can almost guarantee that you will need to be learning and growing in your use of technology.  A very effective way to do that is to SUBSCRIBE to receive weekly emails with e4e posts.   Every week, you’ll receive two ideas about ministry and technology in your inbox.  Why not sign up now?

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