A compelling reason to make your sites ‘shareable’

A friend recently pinged me to say that he saw something Google is playing with in his search results.  He had searched for “merge PDFs” and one of the top sites returned was a site that I, one of his friends, had referenced on Twitter months earlier.

This has lots of applications for us.  Imagine a student doing a search for “Does God Exist?” and then discovering one of the search results is an article from EveryStudent.com that has a classmate’s tweet (or some other “like” in social media.)

A social ‘recommendation’ seems really powerful.

One application: When posting things to your blog, make sure you have a Facebook like button and a tweet button that readers can use to share with others.

What other applications or implications do you see for social recommendations in Google searches?

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One thought on “A compelling reason to make your sites ‘shareable’

  1. I just learned that Facebook “likes” will show up in searches using Bing.com, but not in Google searches. Social searches in Google come from Twitter, +1, Stumble Upon, YouTube, and more. You need to be logged in to your Google account to see these, so being logged off will change your search results. Read more on their help page. http://bit.ly/jPRvgJ


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