Is Your Child Drowning in Media Entertainment?


“Jesus is the model for engaging people in conversation

while doing real things.”

This is a closing quote from an excellent and hopeful article on the effects of our entertainment-saturated culture on our children.

Dr. Jeff Myers explains the brain’s function which  is supposed to give us satisfaction from work.  However, a child can become addicted to entertainment, receiving pleasure from accomplishing “nothing,” that is, game rewards.  God intended us to receive pleasure from work and from achieving goals.

There’s hope, though.  Dr. Myers encourages parents to do real things with their children while engaging them in two-way conversation.

I recommend the entire article so you understand what is happening in your child’s brain and how best to help your child.

What do you do to equip your child live a balanced life instead of following an entertainment-heavy lifestyle?

This image is available on Wikimedia Commons.

What do you think?

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